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A Teen Service Project: December 2017
Mini Christmas Camp and a Beach Trip

Three teenagers aged 14–17 organized a mini Christmas camp at the two learning centers run by the Daughters of Charity. Nicholas was in charge of sports, Ascella taught paper art and balloon twisting, and AJ taught English with games. About fifty children at each center attended. Happy smiles and laughter filled the rooms, and balloons in shapes of a sword, a puppy, and a flower were shown off by kids who learned how to make them.


None of the children had been to a beach, so the beach trip was a highlight of the service project. On December 31, five sisters, ten staff, and ninety children and a few parents boarded on two big tour buses at 5:30 am. We went to the famous National Park and visited a temple at the mountaintop before heading down to the beachside and had a picnic lunch of fresh shrimps and chicken.  Some children had never tasted a shrimp, and they loved it. The most exciting time of the day came when they were allowed to jump into the sea. While none of them knew how to swim, they were splashing and jumping in the warm shallow water near the shore. It was a beautiful day. 

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