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Peace Family Home Children

Eight children were taken into the care by PFDO since January 2017. The first time I met them was a month after they started living at Peace Family Home, a new two-story house built by PFDO. They were the HIV positive children who are orphans or with only a single HIV+ parent who was not capable of supporting them.  They were sent to PFDO by the local hospital. When I was with them alone, they neither talked to me nor each other.


Between February and April, we procured sponsors who kindly supported their daily expenses, including tutorials after school.  These children were taught to take care of themselves; they learned to cook, clean the house, and cooperate to live together peacefully.  By my next visit at the end of April 2017, I saw smiling faces who came to greet me at the door. We played some board games together, and I took them to eat out in a restaurant for the first time.


I see them every time I visit Kampong Cham. They continued to grow healthily and become better students. Two boys learned how to swim this summer and participated in the Swimathon on July 31st. Three girls joined the English Summer Camp and became more confident in speaking English. A three-year-old boy called Um joined the ‘Peace Home Family’ after two children left.  He was an adorable little boy who had lost both parents.

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