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High School Tutorial Scholarship
Program: 2017-now

The Background

In August 2017, I was invited to Chut Nat High School after they completed the installation of light and ceiling
fans. I met their principal, Mr. Srey, and learned more about the education system in Cambodia. The
government provides free education from primary to high school. Students go to school in the morning or
afternoon for only four hours daily, but the high school curriculum demands much long class sessions. As a
result, teachers offer tutorials to finish the required curriculum. Students who can afford to pay for tutorial fees
flock to their classes, especially G11 and G12 students preparing to sit for the public exam that qualifies them
for university admission. However, students from low-income families who could not afford to pay would be left


The Tutorial Scholarship Programhe Background

The program was established to support hardworking G11 and G12 students of low-income families who
strive for academic success.

In November 2017, PFDO, our local partner, selected twenty qualified students after home visits and
interviews. We solicited sponsors to pay for monthly tutorials from October to August, Monday to Saturday,
three hours each day. Before the end of each month, students would present their school reports to PFDO
before receiving their monthly tutorial grants.
While the G12 students will leave this scholarship program after graduation, the current G11 students will be
evaluated by PFDO in September based on their final grades. New students will be selected, and the program
will continue to procure sponsorship from Hong Kong for all the qualified students.

Since 2017, the Tutorial Scholarship Program has supported over 120 high school students. Last year
(academic year ending December 2022), the G12 students had outstanding results in the public exams, and
all were admitted to the university of their choice.

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