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High School Tutorial Scholarship Program

When I visited Chut Nat High School for the lighting and fans project,  I met their principal, Mr. Srey, and learned more about the education system in Cambodia.  The government provides free education from primary to high school.  Students go to school either in the morning or afternoon, four hours each day. The high school curriculum is demanding, and the core subjects require additional teaching hours beyond the normal school sessions. As a result, a unique situation arose: many teachers become tutors after school,  and students who can afford to pay for tutorial fees flock to their classes. Tutorials are popular amongst G11 and G12 students because all G12 students must sit for public exams at the end of the academic year. The results of this public exam will determine their future whether they can enter university, go to vocational schools, or join the workforce.


When I asked the principal whether the school has any subsidies for students who cannot afford to pay for the tutorials, he merely smiled and shook his head.  It was then that I proposed to have a Tutorial Scholarship Program for the hardworking high school students of low-income families. PFDO and Charity Cambodia partnered up.  PFDO selected twenty qualified students from G 11 and G 12 after home visits and interviews. Charity Cambodia solicited sponsors to pay for eleven months of daily tutorials from October to August, Monday to Saturday, threes hours each day. Before the end of each month, students would present their school reports to PFDO before receiving monthly tutorial grants. 

While the G12 students will leave this scholarship program after they graduate, the current G11 students will be evaluated by PFDO in September based on the improvement of their grades after a year of tutorial support.  New students will be selected, and the program will continue to procure sponsorship from Hong Kong for all the qualified students.  The academic year starts from October 2018 to August 2019.

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