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English Camps 2019,
February and August, Phnom Penh


In August 2018, when the Summer Camp students from Kampong Cham performed the musical to the children at the Lindalva Learning Centre in Phnom Penh, the mother superior, Sr. Eulie, was so impressed that she asked if we could bring teacher volunteers to help the deprived children in the Lindalva Centre in August 2019.

A teaching week in February to select students

The Lindalva Centre was a small rental shanty house in the factory neighbourhood. Yet it was a refuge for children, from toddlers to teenagers, who came to learn and have fun instead of hanging out on the streets or in crowded shared spaces called their homes. Most of their parents, if they had a job, worked in the factories or as street vendors. In February, we offered a fun interactive English program to children aged 5-16. It was a demanding task to cater to the needs of such an age difference.

Summer Camp 2019

Two teachers, one speech therapist, and three university students came to Phnom Penh enthusiastically as volunteers to teach the students and to meet their desire to explore the charming capital city. It was a challenge to teach children of various levels and standards in the same class. The hot, humid crowded space of the Lindalva Centre made it even more demanding. But the volunteers joyfully embraced these challenges and gave their best to the excited children who were thrilled to learn.

Gratitude and Appreciation to Michael, Christina, Rya, Christian, Abhi, and Jeff! Our Teacher Warriors! Bravo to your perseverance and love for the kids!

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