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Charity Bike Ride

By AJ Lee, a fundraiser

The background

When I first went to Cambodia in 2014. Much like any other developing country, it was poor, polluted, and largely undeveloped. I also saw many orphaned children and spent some time learning about their lives. The next time I went to Cambodia was this past summer. I was there for a day to go into the slums to see what the living conditions were. As expected, they were atrocious. I also went to see three different learning centers set up by Catholic sisters. The learning center in the slum was a dilapidated building made of sheets of metal. However, the kids inside were eager to learn. The Sisters also wanted to build another day care center inside the slum village. Therefore, I have decided to do a fundraiser so that the second day care center may be built.  


I participated in a 40-mile biking event in New Hampshire on 26 August 2017. All proceeds help build a day care center for children in the slum village of Phnom Penh.

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